Our core market is production mining where machines are  working on average 18-22 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In regards to electric motors we saw an opportunity when at the time there was nothing that was designed to cope in these conditions and be as close to maintenance free as possible. (Maintenance free means change of the filter when required and not having to replace electric motor as well due to failures. Meanwhile, if successful, we could deliver an immediate gain in reducing maintenance costs).

Key advantages:

  • motor efficiency is higher
  • commutation is done electronically
  • thermal resistance is lower = operating temperature is wider
  • absence of brushes reduces maintenance, no brush residue
  • due to design, there is no brush arcing or commutation, brushless motor is quieter both electrically and audibly

The industry standard for electric motors - brushed options will not last more than 5000 hours’ maintenance free. On average the life span of these electric motors is between 2,500 – 3,500 hours before the motor fails commonly due to the brushes wearing out or other internal faults.

For us to provide a motor that would last well over 5000 hours or 12 Months in service maintenance free we had to develop our own range to meet these high specifications.  

The only way we could achieve these high standards was to develop our own Brushless motors. We are now leading the way in the development of BRUSHLESS MOTORS with AUTOMATIC CONTROLS.

Currently our systems outperform every other brand in the market if you are comparing apples for apples.

Comparison based on - *Motor life (up to 12,500 hours), Filter type H13/H14 tested as per EN1822, Filter service life.