We use a custom made motor control unit to adjust the speed of our brushless motor to maintain a pre set pressure (usually set to 30Pa)

What are the Benefits?

  • Massive reduction in cost of life of the system
  • This configuration will dramatically increase filter service life - by being able to maintain a pre set cabin pressure we are only filtering the exact amount of air required.

Traditional systems use a brushed blower motor that cannot be controlled so works at 100% capacity all the time.

(All these systems filter way more air than is actually required which in turn leads to reduced filter life).

Other benefits:  

  • Reduced heat loading on the OEM Air conditioning system again we are only filtering the exact amount of air required. This can be 3-4 times less air than a brushed system.  

So on sites with high ambient conditions this will make the difference between the air con working effectively and the machine staying in service or having to be stood down for air conditioning maintenance.

Increased filter efficiency.

By only filtering the air that is required we reduce the velocity of the air going through the HEPA filter media which reduces the load on the media again increasing the effective service life of the media.

This Benefit was originally conceived to increase the efficiency of the activated carbon filtration module installed on machines working in extremely gaseous environments like foundries.

To get the most out of the activated carbon you have to allow the gasses time to be absorbed by the carbon - How do you do this? Reduce the velocity of the contaminated air going through the carbon.  

How do you extend the service life of the carbon?  

  • Again only filter the exact amount of air that is required to maintain the minimum cabin pressure.