Pressure Monitoring & Warning

Digital Cabin Pressure Monitoring System - Key features: 

  •  Data Logger with 10922 record entry points. 
  •  Intelligent Fan Speed Output with DAC technology
  •  Automatic Cabin Pressurisation
  •  Adjustable Alarm Set Point 

The Breathesafe INPRESS unit is a rugged industrial controller, specifically designed to monitor, record and intelligently control the cabin pressure inside a vehicles cab.

Efficient cabin pressure management ensures harmful dusts and toxic fumes, cannot ingress the cab and be inhaled by the operator.

The controller has a built in 14-bit digital pressure sensor that can accurately measure pressures between – 250 and + 250 Pascals with repeatable accuracy.

An alarm set point can be set via the user keypad between the range of 0.0 to 100.0 Pascals. This feature cab be accesses by entering the settings menu.

A red LED alarm, highly visible even with strong sunlight, is activated if the monitored pressure falls below user adjustable set point. Appropriate alarm descriptions are displayed on the back lit LCD screen to allow easy system diagnosis.