HEPA Filtration with Activated Carbon

HEPA filtration with Activated Carbon:

Breathesafe specialises in gaseous filtration.

Cabin air quality standards continue to be a key issue in all areas of industrial and agricultural processes.

When requiring to filter out gas or vapours then the use of activated carbon filters is required due to the ability of the media to adsorb vapours and gases.

  • Activated Carbon has a wide range of uses in purification.
  • Activated Carbon products contain large surface areas due to high levels of micro porosity. Meaning, by gas adsorption, one gram has a surface area in excess of 3000 m2.
  • Activated Carbon works by retaining airborne compounds which is referred to as Adsorption. 
  • Activated Carbon traps wanted material while not changing in size where other absorbing compounds swell in comparison.
  • Activated Carbon is part of primary life support systems of space suits.
  • Activated Carbon function as a sponge capturing vapours and odours.





Rooftop side view


Hepa filtration :

  • Breathesafe Systems first process is the use a “Turbo Pre cleaner” (Pre-Filter) to remove up to for 90% of airborne debris via centrifugal force. (Enginaire Claim)

  • Breathesafe System Then Pressurises and Filters the Pre Cleaned air with the use of custom made HEPA Filters (H13 or H14 Grade each is individually tested after manufacture as Per EN1822)

  • Breathesafe System deliver solutions where aerosol contaminants are present (gases and vapours) with custom made HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters.

  • Breathesafe HEPA H13 filters remove at least 99.95% of airborme particles (HEPA H13 Standard)

  • Breathesafe HEPA H14 filters are also available to remove 99.995% of airborne particles up to 0.3 microns or bigger. (HEPA H14 Standard).