A/C Engineering Control & A/C Upgrades

Breathesafe Autonomous Cabinet AHS

Issue reported:

Dirt and water getting into electronic components fitted in electrical compartment. Very hard to service on older machines as there is no access and in new cabinets the door is too small.


  • Manufacture and install custom cabinet with insulated panels to reduce ambient heat load.
  • This feature also sealed the compartment stopping water and some dust ingress.
  • Fresh air pressuriser to maintain positive pressure inside and filter dust.
  • INPRESS controller with temperature control program.
  • Now as well as maintaining 35pa of positive pressure -  If the temperature in the compartment goes above 40 degrees’ centigrade: The pressuriser controller will go into high fan speed program to cool inside the compartment.

Original Cabinet - Difficult to service and access internals, cabinet sealing is not working in these conditions.  

Auto Cabinet 7


Breathesafe Pressurised Cabinet & Monitoring Temperature: Auto Cabinet 4

Auto Cabinet 2

Auto Cabinet 5

Auto Cabiner 6



KOMATSU D475 System Upgrade

  • 7KW Stainless Steel Condenser
  • INPRESS Brushless Cabin Pressuriser standard HEPA H13 filters (Tested as per EN1822)
  • Hepa Return Air Filtration
  • Breathesafe cabin monitor controller with data recorder and low pressure alarm
  • Coal Cover

D475A Inpress 10 1600x1195

 D475A Inpress 9 1600x1195


D475A Inpress 6 1600x1195

D475A 6KW cond 5

D475A Inpress 2 1600x1195