Digital Pressure Display

 Digital Pressure Display reduced


The Breathesafe unit is a rugged industrial controller specifically designed to monitor the air pressure inside a vehicle’s cabin such that external harmful dusts and toxic fumes are expelled rather than inflowing into the cabin and being breathed in by the vehicle operator.

The Breathesafe controller has a built-in 10 bit analogue to digital converter that can accurately measure between 0.0 and 100.0 Pascals with repeatable real time accuracy and displays a corresponding alarm if the monitored pressure falls below the set point.

The alarm set point can be set via a potentiometer, also in the range of between 0.0 and 100.0 Pascals. This feature can be activated by linking two pins on the rear connector and the set point value appears on the bottom line of the digital LCD display. The actual pressure being read for comparison is displayed on the top line of the LCD.


  • Input voltage dc:           12.5 to 36V continuous operation (Regulator is automotive grade - protected against 60V Load Dumps & -50V Reverse Power)
  • Protection:                     Protected against reverse power for an indefinite period of time. No fuses or circuit breakers to replace or    reset.
  • Current at 24Vdc:          Normal operation no alarms = 0.02Amps - With alarms present = 0.05Amps
  • Display Resolution:       0.1 Pascal
  • Operating Pressure:      0.0 to 100.0 Pascals
  • Alarm Set point:            0.0 to 100.0 Pascals - Settable with a potentiometer
  • Input Pressure:             0 to 10Vdc analogue signal (Alarm 30 secs. on delay - 5 secs. off delay)
  • Window Monitor:           24Vdc = Window closed - 0Vdc = Window open (Alarm 10 secs. delay - 5 secs. off delay)
  • Door Monitor:                24Vdc = Door Closed - 0Vdc = Door open (Alarm 10 secs. on delay - 5 secs. off delay)
  • Volt Free Output:          N/O & N/C output relay - 125Vac/60Vdc 2A - Isolation between coil and contacts 1000Vac
  • Dimensions:                  Fascia 135 x 95mm 3mm thick machined aluminium - Rear housing 120 x 65mm ABS Plastic.                                                                                                                               Depth from fascia to rear of housing 37.8 mm, overall depth 63 mm.
  • Connections:                 Via 12 way Deutsch connector
  • Temperature range:       0 to 50 degrees Centigrade